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Inpatient, Residential Services

Residential Treatment
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St. Mary's Treatment Philosophy

Children who come to St. Mary's Home for Children come from a variety of backgrounds. However, most have a history of trauma, such as abuse or neglect in common, and all have been placed at St. Mary's because their treatment needs cannot be met in a home or community setting. With this in mind, St. Mary's Home for Children has developed a treatment philosophy based on the belief that all children deserve to be safe, to grow up with a sense of belonging to family and community, and to know that they are worthwhile and competent, as they prepare to be productive members of the community.

Treatment planning begins with a thorough understanding of a child's abuse, or trauma history. Planning is a team process and involves parents or guardians as well as trained child care, clinical and medical professionals. Planning for treatment is always individualized to enhance and develop every child's unique strengths, skills, and potential. 

Family plays an important role in treatment beyond the planning stage as well. Family members are involved in school and other progress meetings and also enjoy on and off campus activities to practice new skills that help children prepare for home.

The clinical team at St. Mary's includes specially trained child care workers, masters-level clinicians, nurses and consulting psychologists and psychiatrists. Together with children and parents, the team assesses needs and develops a culturally competent, family centered, strengths based, individual treatment plan.  Both clinical and nursing staff are available during non regular business hours for any emergency situation.

St. Mary's Home for Children provides a continuum of residential care from long term treatment to acute crisis stabilization. At every level of care children's safety and wellbeing is our main concern.


St. Mary's Continuum of Residential Programs

Residential Treatment - Horton, Hope & Mauran Programs

St. Mary’s ascribes to the SAMSHA supported Building Bridges Initiative as our framework for residential treatment services.

St. Mary’s Home for Children believes Residential Treatment is an intervention and not a destination, meaning that we believe that our intervention should be short-term and intensive and include family and supports in every aspect of treatment planning. Our team works with and supports families in their homes and communities and on the St. Mary’s campus from admission through the aftercare component of our services.

St. Mary’s Home for Children is committed to meeting the needs of youth in the least restrictive environment. Sometimes a youth requires a short stay to meet their needs before stepping down to a less restrictive placement or returning home. Our Treatment Team works closely with the child, family and referral source to determine the most beneficial length of stay.

Boys ages 6 through the age of 13 and girls ages 13 through the age of 18 and their families participate in a program that emphasizes positive relationships and healing. Daily and weekly treatment include school and homework, recreational activities, individual treatment, group and family treatment, family time, off grounds activities, and social and daily living skills development.

Acute Residential Treatment Services (ARTS) - Harding Program

Acute Residential Treatment Services (ARTS) is designed as a hospital step down for children no longer needing in-patient care and for children diverted from hospitalization. The ARTS program provides boys ages 6-13 and girls ages 6-18 intensive short term stabilization, individual therapy, family and group therapy, psychiatric evaluation and medication stabilization and needs assessment and referral, in a flexible yet structured, safe, therapeutic, and nurturing environment.

Assessment and Stabilization Services - Hills Program

The assessment and stabilization program provides clinical assessment and support and treatment planning for girls ages 12-17, and their families. Residents of the program go to public school, participate in community activities and attend weekly group treatment. Every effort is made to provide a structured and normal lifestyle until a more permanent home can be found. Clinicians are trained in the My Life My Choice curriculum and provide groups for youth in the program. The mission of My Life My Choice is to prevent the commercial sexual exploitation of adolescents through survivor-led programs that educate and empower youth to find their voice. My Life My Choice creates a positive life path while working to eliminate the violence and victimization of sexual exploitation.

Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)

The Building Bridges Initiative is a national endeavor to promote practice and policy that creates strong partnerships among families, youth, community, advocates and policy makers, and residentially-based treatment and service providers to improve the lives of young people and their families. It's aim is to advance these partnerships in order to improve lives. Please see the BBI tab on our website for additional information about BBI.

St. Mary's Home for Children promotes regular contact, communication, and continued relationships with siblings and extended family through family and community time and phone contact, when such contact is approved. We support family involvement by encouraging family participation in decision making, treatment planning and welcoming families into the house for family and community nights.

A major component of our partnership is flexibility between the family's home and residential intervention. We work with families in their homes and in the residential program to move toward a successful reunification. Once reunified, the team will provide support and services in the family's home and community for up to 6 months post discharge.

Parent Partners

As part of our commitment to Family Engagement and the Building Bridges Initiative, St. Mary's Home for Children partners with the Parent Support Network. Parent Support Partners provide support to parents/caregivers to reduce barriers and prepare for meetings with schools, service agencies, and family court. The Parent Support Partner works with families to identify issues and assists in developing a plan of next steps.

Youth Mentor

St. Mary's Home for Children partners with Foster Forward to fulfill our commitment to Youth Voice and Choice. Our youth mentor has lived experience and works to support youth to advocate for themselves, prepare for meetings, learn conflict resolution, and enhance leadership skills.


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