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Charitable Giving Page
1877 Society
Financial Information

St. Mary's Home for Children wants giving to be a pleasure for our donors, engender good feelings all around, and give our donors the sense they are making a difference.

As a charitable contribution, your gift to St. Mary's Home for Children is afforded tax benefits or deductions according to the type of donation you make. Careful planning of your gift can help to maximize not only the mission of St. Mary's, but your personal goals as well.

Two Boys at RailingThe generosity of St. Mary's Home for Children's many friends helps provide the quality of care and service to the children of Rhode Island for which it is renowned. Over the past few years, support from individuals, corporations and foundations have enabled us to create and expand programs, construct two new state of the art cottages, and conduct much needed renovations on our North Providence site.

St. Mary's has always relied on private dollars to realize our commitments. The support we receive from individuals, corporations, organizations and foundations helps make St. Mary's a place for children to heal and start anew.

Methods of Charitable Giving

Payroll Deduction Program

Please give through your payroll deduction program:

United Way Combined Federal Campaign State Employees Charitable Appeal #6470

Other Means of Giving

The most common method of giving is cash donations. Gifts made by check, credit card, or money order provide St. Mary's with funds for current use. In addition, you may now make secure donations using Paypal. This is the easiest and fastest way to donate to St. Mary's.


Such gifts can be made in person, through a broker, or through the mail. For tax purposes, the value of the gift is recorded as the average market value on the date of delivery (or if mailed, on the postmark date). If transferred through a broker, the gift's value is determined by the date of transfer as recorded in the books of the corporation.

Matching Gifts

Many companies will match gifts made by their employees, retirees and family members. Be sure and check with your company's personnel office if you are uncertain about their matching gift policy. You will be provided with a matching gift form to use.


Remembering St. Mary's Home for Children in your will is a very special and effective way to ensure that the ideals you value will be perpetuated. It also reduces the taxable portion of your estate.

Personal Property

Gifts of valuable art works, furniture, jewelry, antiques, rare books and manuscripts can increase St. Mary's resources in many ways.

Life Income Gifts

With a life income gift, you assign cash, securities, or other assets irrevocable to St. Mary's Home for Children. The most widely used life income plans are the Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust and the Charitable Remainder Unitrust.

Real Estate

You can offer real estate as an immediate gift or to fund a trust. You may even arrange for lifetime occupancy after making your gift, thereby gaining a tax deduction and eliminating local taxes while still enjoying the comforts of home.

Life Insurance

At a relatively low cost to you, a life insurance policy which names St. Mary's Home for Children as a beneficiary can have a real impact.

Legal or financial advisors can best help you determine the vehicle most advantageous and appropriate for you.

Donors who make planned gifts to the agency are also eligible for membership in St. Mary's 1877 Society.

Types of Gifts

Annual Gifts

Restricted or unrestricted, annual gifts go directly into St. Mary's operating budget and are immediately available to the agency in the year which they are received. Unrestricted annual gifts are especially valuable because they allow St. Mary's the most flexibility with respect to their use.

Capital Gifts

These gifts are used for new construction or renovation of facilities.

Endowment Gifts

With an endowment gift the principal is preserved and only a portion of the interest earned is spent. These gifts are often known as the "gifts that keep on giving" as they provide an ongoing source of revenue for the agency. These gifts may be restricted by the donor as to their use; or unrestricted, which allows St. Mary's to use the interest generated where it is most needed.

Contact Us

For more information about charitable giving to St. Mary's Home for Children, please contact MC Miller:

MC Miller
Development Officer
St. Mary's Home for Children
420 Fruit Hill Avenue
North Providence, RI 02911-2647
(401)353-3900 x262


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