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Campus School

The Saint Mary's Home for Children, George N. Hunt Campus School was established in 1982 for residential and day students with learning and socio-emotional behavioral disorders, who have failed to succeed in their public school. It boasts a clinically-based educational program for the students placed in residence as well as students referred by school districts (180-day program). It is noted for a 45-day assessment module especially designed for students with socio-emotional and behavioral issues which also serves as an interim alternate educational setting (IAES).

The school has a highly structured program offering special education, related and therapeutic services to boys aged 6-14 and girls aged 6-21.

Students are provided with a safe, comfortable environment where academic and social experience can increase their sense of competency and self esteem. The small student to teacher ratio facilitates positive academic and personal growth and enables the students to learn under the conditions which promote trust, understanding, acceptance, and most of all respect.

The School is organized into needs-based classrooms with each child being placed in the classroom that best meets his/her overall needs. The program provides customized goals and services for a well-structured, comprehensive and individually targeted education for our students. The program offers: (1) hands-on learning through programs which include (but are not limited to) credit reclamation and advancement through programs such as Virtual Learning Academy; (2)computer assisted instruction utilizing resources such as Lexia Reading and Symphony Math; (3) project-based, community-based, experiential learning (e.g. writing curriculum is in part accomplished through the "Hunt for News" newsletter project and science and math reinforced through the Brandaris Maritime STEM project). Health, physical education, music and art are all an essential aspect of the overall program as well.

All related services (e.g. speech and language, occupational therapy) are available for those students requiring them.

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