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Beliefs and Values

Our services are child centered and family focused

We are committed to meeting the needs of the people that we serve.  Effective decision making that balances autonomy, individual empowerment, and personal accountability is encouraged.

Respect and compassion are the hallmarks of our work

We commit to a safe, nurturing atmosphere in all we do. Our aim is to foster the growth of children and families and this requires a full measure of both respect and compassion.

We commit to the long term healthy development of children

Children who have experienced abuse and neglect can develop into healthy adults. They are fully capable of participating in a life with the same opportunities, privileges and responsibilities as others in the community. We are committed to supporting the development of individuals through their lifespan.

We believe family members are an integral part of our clients' lives

Our first choice is always to support the successful reintegration of a child into his/her family's life. If this is not possible, we commit to finding alternative family settings with the goal of permanency of each child.

We commit to employing best practices in our work

It is our responsibility to seek out, and integrate best practices into our provision of services. We value innovation and creativity, and we reward our staff for demonstrating excellence in our field.

We will practice Continuous Quality Improvement

We are committed to review and evaluate our work. We recognize that the success of our organization is dependent on our willingness to look objectively at what we do, and to make the changes necessary to improve practice. We accept the challenge to learn from our efforts.

We value a quality and reliable workforce to fulfill our mission

We recognize that reliability and continuity in the lives of the people we serve are critical to their success. We reaffirm and strengthen our commitment to develop and maintain competent, caring and dedicated staff.

Our employees are the cornerstone of our agency

We recognize the importance of our staff and the contributions they make in the lives of our children and families.  We are committed to offering education, training, and advancement opportunities that enhance employee professional development and a work environment that expresses both dignity and respect.

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