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Parent Educational Manual


The Shepherd Program Non-Offending Parent Education Manual

This manual outlines the rationale, key concepts and procedures for each session of the Non-Offending Parent Education Group at St. Mary's Home for Children's Shepherd Program.  This curriculum was developed by clinicians at the Shepherd Program as a way to address the educational needs of non-offending parents and caretakers. The purpose of this manual is to provide practical, educational interventions for service providers to utilize with non-offending parents.

Some topics covered in the manual include:

  • Signs and symptoms of sexual abuse

  • Impact of trauma on brain function/development

  • Understanding triggers

  • Parenting strategies

  • Education about sexual offenders

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements

  • About the Shepherd Program and Authors

  • Preface and General Overview of Non-Offending Parent Education Curriculum

  • Week 1: Orientation for participants & defining child sexual abuse

  • Week 2: Signs and symptoms of sexual abuse & the disclosure process

  • Week 3: Impact issues of sexual abuse

  • Week 4: Sexual development in children and sexually reactive behaviors

  • Week 5/6: Impact of trauma on brain function and development, understanding triggers, parenting strategies and Internet safety

  • Week 7/8: Education about sexual offenders

  • Week 9: Overview of the State criminal justice process and child welfare system

  • Week 10: Grief and loss issues related to sexual abuse

  • Week 11: Stress management techniques and resource information

  • Week 12: Termination

  • Appendix

  • References

  • Order Form and Contact Information

If you are interested in ordering a manual, please contact Additionally, training on the Shepherd Program's Non-Offending Parent Education Curriculum is available. Please contact us for more information.

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