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  • Newsletter Volume 18 Issue 2 - The Doorway: (PDF)

  • 2019 Shepherd Training Series (PDF)

  • Newsletter Volume 18 Issue 1 - The Doorway: (PDF)

  • Yoga

    We are very lucky at St. Mary's Home for Children to have a strong partnership with Shri Yoga, whose mission is to “lift and brighten communities through the practice of yoga, making yoga and wellness programs affordable and accessible to all students.” Our clients and staff have been able to access yoga classes on site offered by Shri Yoga studio. The “unique S-H-R-I curriculum combines an innovative approach to movement-based yoga classes, with community building, mindfulness, and character education components built in.”

  • Newsletter Volume 17 Issue 2 - The Doorway: (PDF)

  • Newsletter Volume 17 Issue 1 - The Doorway: (PDF)

  • St. Mary's Wellness Comittee!

    St. Mary's is excited to announce that we have won the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce/Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island Annual Worksite Health Exemplary Award!

    For the last few years St. Mary’s has participated in the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce/Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island Annual Worksite Health Awards. They recognize businesses that successfully promote worksite wellness with written materials, seminars and a supportive culture as well as demonstrating a commitment to wellness through committee development and policy change. Four award levels are acknowledged: Achievement, Outstanding, Superior and Exemplary! St. Mary's has won the Exemplary Award!

    On June 8, 2017, St. Mary's Home for Children was recognized by Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island and the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce for improving the health and wellbeing of employees in the workplace. To be eligible for the award, a business must demonstrate they have an exceptional health and wellness program and health oriented workplace policies are in place. As an Exemplary award winner, the highest designation, St. Mary's offers staff ergonomic evaluations, yoga, weight loss assistance, chair massages, a wellness fair, self-care items, walking club and mindfulness activities. "

    "As the state's largest health insurer, we're delighted to continue our partnership with the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce as co-sponsors of the 23rd annual Worksite Health Awards," said Kim Keck, president and CEO of BCBSRI. "Like all of the companies participating in the Worksite Health Awards, at BCBSRI we value the important connection between engaging employees in a robust wellbeing program and successful business performance."

    "More than 20 years after launching the Worksite Health Awards, we remain awed by the hard work and commitment of those Rhode Island companies which go above and beyond to make workplace wellness a priority," said Laurie White, president of the Chamber. "We are once again pleased to partner with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island to recognize local businesses and hopefully to inspire even more Rhode Island companies to find creative ways to help their employees live better, healthier and happier lives."

    St. Mary's Home for Children has a rich history of serving children of the State of Rhode Island. From its beginnings as an orphanage in 1877, St. Mary's has addressed the social, therapeutic and mental health issues of children. During wartime, when fathers were off fighting, mothers would bring their children to St. Mary's for care so that they could work and support their families. When drug abuse became prevalent and parents could not care for their children, St. Mary's was there to provide a safe haven. As instances of sexual abuse were exposed, we were there to provide counseling and family therapy. Proudly, we have evolved into the areas most comprehensive treatment program for children who have been affected by abuse and neglect, exhibit extreme behavioral issues or experience psychiatric problems usually due to trauma they have endured. Children (girls 6-18, boys 6-13) are treated in our residential program and campus special education school. We also serve an out-patient population for sexual abuse assessment, counseling and family therapy (3 years of age and up). Enhanced Out-Patient Services, an in-home program provides clinical and case management services to at-risk families with the goal of preserving the family unit and preventing out of home placement of children.

    Carlene Casciano-McCann, LMHC is Executive Director of St. Mary's Home for Children. For additional information, please contact Susan DeRita, Development Officer at (401) 353-3900 x262 or by e-mail,

    Thank you to the Wellness Committee and those staff who have contributed to our wellness mission.

  • Introducing our STAAR Team!

    St. Mary’s Home for Children STAAR Project is expanding our team! Now in our second year, the Supporting Teens and Adults at Risk (STAAR) Project is an innovate community-based treatment program to combat the sexual exploitation of Rhode Island’s highest risk youth. The STAAR Project serves male and female survivors of sexual exploitation and human trafficking, up to age 25, high risk youth up to age 18, and their families. This is a state-wide community/home based program. The overriding goal of the STAAR Project is to keep children safe in their homes and communities and reduce the risk of victimization. The STAAR treatment team provides intensive clinical, case management and mentorship services to survivors and their caregivers. Thanks to a new contract with the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF), we are expanding our program. We are looking for enthusiastic, highly qualified clinicians and case managers to join our dynamic team. We are passionate about the work that we do and look forward to serving more of RI’s youth through this new collaboration with DCYF!

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  • Hummel Report, video story about St. Mary's (aired 9/6/2012) (Video)


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